Time Traveler

by The Ragnarok Prophecy

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Changing the flow of time, for the better of mankind,
Goderik travels to the past to deliver the message that,
The Shrine has been corrupted by the creatures of the dark realms,
and the deceitful traitor,
He will put an end to this,
insufferable madness,
as soon as the gate is open,
he will begin his epic conquest.
fighting to deliver the message to the sacred race,
before time runs out,
before the end of all days,
the creatures of the dark,
will stop at nothing to prevent this defeat,
they must fall,
they will fall,
his name will go down in history,
as the one who made all of his enemies flee,
as the one who lifted The Shrine's curse,
as the one who saved the universe,
making his way to The Shrine,
hacking slashing killing slaying,
his way through the darkness praying,
he's not too late,
hope is not gone,
there is still time,
rushing to the center of The Shrine now crimson,
drowning in blood,
limbs and bodies,
littered on this,
once sacred ground,
tainted by hate,
fueled by vengeance.
the veil that blinded all,
that cast a shadow on this ancient race,
has been lifted to reveal,
the true intentions lost in time,
(the true intentions lost in time)
a new era has begun,
(for this ancient race)
an era of peace,
the era of light,
the end of the struggle,
the end of the war,
the end of the darkness,


released January 2, 2016



all rights reserved


The Ragnarok Prophecy Corona, California

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